Wednesday 7th April

| BY Brittany Newman

Guess x FriendsWithYou is Positive Vibes Only

Who can deny anything, of any sort, associated with some feel-good vibes? Well, nobody at the moment – hence the perfect timing of Guess’ newest collaboration with FriendsWithYou.

For those of you who don’t know, FriendsWithYou is a fine art collective founded by Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, whose sole purpose is to spread positivity wherever possible – which we are all in desperate need of atm. After collaborating on a handful of smaller projects thanks to their shared network with J Balvin, Guess and FriendsWithYou came to the conclusion that it was time for world domination. “We align with their message, we think it’s really important to put out that kind of energy,” Guess’ brand partnership director, Nicolai Marciano told us. “Whoever we are working with we like to give them a lot of creative freedom. And I think that shows with the collection that we’ve made.”

81 pieces later we have our Guess x FriendsWithYou capsule collection, and there’s something for everyone. Both men’s and women’s included, the collection is filled with unmissable vibrant colours and FriendsWithYou’s anime aesthetic. For the ladies, we have the very on-trend embossed terry cloths, and for the men, you can never go wrong with a logo tee. Or if you would rather go against the odds, FriendsWithYou’s iconic cloud graphics can be found across the majority of the items – bags included – as a nod to light and serenity.

You can shop the collection here.