Thursday 23rd June

| BY 10 Magazine

Haider Ackermann: Menswear SS17

Let’s talk about sweats, baby. We don’t mean the fashionable sweatshirting stuff proffered by labels like Vetements right now. But perspiration. Very appropriate for the sweltering temperatures of Paris circa now. But anyway, it’s being brought up because it was, genuinely, one of the inspirations behind the faded, blurry, asymmetric prints Haider Ackermann showed for his spring menswear. It kind of goes to prove that Haider can make just about anything look appealing, as laid on top of his signature jewel colours, that wispy watermark-y fading looked damn good. Ackermann has a sure hand and surer eye when it comes to colour – a blush bomber banded with egg yolk yellow sung. But it wasn’t just for the boys – is menswear ever, these days? A bunch of ladies, in that always-androgynous Ackermann mould, ¬†rounded out this offering.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans