Thursday 22nd June

| BY Jack Moss

Haider Ackermann: Menswear SS18

There’s something about this I can’t quite put my finger on. I want to call it delicate. Not the clothes themselves, per se, but the boys. There was a softness to them. A boyishness. You want to reach out and touch them. They emit an otherworldly glow. Boys you want to coddle. To look after. They are wearing stripes, and spots, and vests that show their slender arms and chests, or tailoring buttoned only at the top to reveal their exposed stomachs beneath.

There are touches of sugared almond pastels, soft cream knitwear that wraps around their bodies. Sandals that slot between the boys toes and twist around the ankle. With a Haider show, it’s always about a simple appreciation of beauty. Which is not to say that the clothes are simple, they never are – rather it’s that there’s never a question of whether Haider will disappoint. Because he never does. So that’s why sometimes it feels like we run out of superlatives when we talk about his work – when it comes to clothing, for men or women, Haider is a master. His is clothing that ignites the imagination.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans