Halloween-ing from Home: 10 Costume Ideas from the Latest Collections

You could say this Halloween is the scariest one yet, and for all the wrong reasons. We may not be able to go trick or treating, or party hard till November comes, but there’s still room for you to get yourself all spooked up in some make-do costumes from home. Needing some inspo on what to go as? Once again, we’ve compiled a list of 10 costume ideas inspired by the latest collections. C’mon guys, you can do much better than throwing a sheet over your head and calling yourself a ghost? It’s 2020 for crying out loud!

1. Purell party girl via Ashley Williams SS21 

Number one enemy of our dry, cracked, bacteria-free hands… Hand sanitiser! Ashley Williams has taken the nation’s hand sanitiser obsession to new heights.  In addition to being able to apply it to your hands, you can now wear it, too. It’s been seven months since the pandemic arose and the price of anti-bac products became scary, quickly. £10 for 30ml on Amazon in the first week? No wonder hand sanitizer has manifested its way into luxury wear!

2. The Heathers via Chanel SS21

Quarantining with your three besties this Halloween? Chanel’s SS21 catwalk gave us Heathers galore. Choosing this group costume idea won’t only give you an iconic Instagram post, but is also wearable year-round. Our love is Chanel. Let’s go get a slushie.

3. Kill Bill via Prada SS21

Like every Prada collection which has ever graced the catwalk, Kill Bill  is a cult classic. Beatrix “the bride” Kiddo is not only the deadliest woman on earth but also the chicest assassin known to man. The only thing missing from this Prada SS21 look is a gleaming samurai sword and a cold serving of revenge.

4. Pandemic princess via Comme Des Garçons SS21

This is a Halloween uniform for those amongst you who have made lockdown your b****. Doing yoga every morning? Finally finishing off your endless to-do lists? Evicted those pesky, non-rent paying spiders from your basement? Fulfilling any of these amidst an international crisis qualifies you to the grand and regal title of pandemic princess. Comme Des Garçons’ dystopian take on the Disney princess is our lockdown spirit animal. Corona-rella shall not go to the ball, she will stay home and be a quarantine queen.

5. Perfect pumpkin via Burberry SS21

Millions of pumpkins are mercilessly killed every Halloween. Pay homage to everyone’s autumnal guilty pleasure and make this a pumpkin spice Halloween. Riccardo Tisci is a master of colour. The mighty Burberry SS21 collection champions this. Let’s make the pumpkin costume sexy this autumn. Ditch your criminally globular pumpkin costume and brave a full orange fantasy.

6. Edward Scissorhands via Balenciaga SS21

Halloween prom king and low key leather hottie, Edward Scissorhands is a fashion icon. Balenciaga served us an elevated Edward Scissorhands in its SS21 collection, with a cracking biker jacket and all.

7. Skelator via Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood SS21

Been a lazy bones this lockdown? Blame it on the season!  Thankfully, Dame Viv has your back. The latest Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood collection served us survival-mode chic.

8. Joan of Arc via Paco Rabbane SS21

Don’t be that person who comes as a cat for five years in a row. Joan of Arc is a feminist icon and now runway goddess courtesy of Paco Rabanne’s stunning SS21 collection, which included chainmail armour. Battle the basics this Halloween and go Joan.

9. Catwalk Carrie via Christopher Kane SS21

Stephen King’s Carrie gets a re-up with head to toe Christopher Kane this coming spring – dripping in sparkle and spice.

10. Mercouple via Versace SS21

Ever wanted to drop all responsibilities and become a mermaid? Before you do, know that the little mermaid is not all that it seems. The first mermaid (and Ariel’s great-great-aunt) was the goddess Atargatis, who turned herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover. Since then, mermaids have commonly been characterised as temptresses who lure sailors to their watery deaths with their celestial voices (we think ours is rather good as well on the karaoke). Versace’s SS21 catwalk provided much aquatic inspo for you and your boo to pull a couple’s costume combo. Scrap the cat ears – go under the sea!

Top image: Drew Barrymore in ‘Scream’ (1996).