Wednesday 16th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

Han Kjøbenhavn: Menswear AW19

Pastries, liquorice, porcelain, hygge… The Danes know what’s good in life, and they aren’t afraid to share it with the world. Prime example: Han Kjøbenhavn. Launched in 2008 by Jannik Wikkelso Davidsen as am eyewear brand, it has since been propelled into the fashion atmosphere as one of the country’s favourite street-savvy brands. They now have two stores, loads of stockists and a full men’s and women’s line of ready-to-wear and accessories. So, what next? A catwalk show in Paris apparently. Finishing off the first day of AW19 Paris Men’s with their first ever show at one of the Big Four fashion weeks, Han Kjøbenhavn not only reminded their audience of why they’re so loved, but also brought in a whole new bunch of eyes onto their work – us included.

Titled Fairytale Denmark, the AW19 collection was all about the ways the world perceives Denmark. It’s those pastries, liquorice, porcelain and hygge I mentioned earlier – just transformed into erotic streetwear with a sense of humour. Immaculately styled by Ten Men’s contributor Simon Rasmussen, the clothes spoke with modernity of a North European country, proposing a new, empowering way of consuming the 1990s sports elements as we know them. The unapologetic layering, measured against the extreme bodycon silhouettes – it was about a utopian sense of chaos, the right kind of wrong. The trainers, part of the ongoing collaboration with the sportswear giant Puma were a definite standout – their space-y lines bringing in the retro-futurism of the era the show was referencing. “Visit Denmark” a purple hoodie urged. After seeing this show – we’re booking our tickets… But not until summer, when this collection hits the shops.