Hermès: Menswear AW18

Is there in existence a name more synonymous with luxury than Hermès? Tell me that your knees don’t buckle at the sight of that orange bag with its horse drawn cart emblem and I’ll call you a liar. When everything is wrong with the world, Hermès makes it better. Always! That and Guns n Roses. Not that this collection had much to do with Guns n Roses. Luxury though… This season, the house of Hermès has gone bright. Colour palette wise. Wanna see a rainbow? Have a look at this. It’s a classic menswear collection at its core, impeccably tailored to whisper wealth rather than scream nouveau riche. There’s no trying to reinvent a wheel that can’t be reinvented. And maybe that’s a good thing. Because, when you think about it, we’re dealing in clothes here, do you really need three sleeves when you only have two arms? And, lets be real for a second, those two arms look much better in a well tailored two arm garment then a a badly tailored three arm one. Hence the Hermes love. On which note, have you seen the snowy mountain landscape knits? Apres ski perfection.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans


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