Sunday 24th June

| BY Richard Gray

Hermès: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

Designer Véronique Nichanian’s clothes for Hermès speak of design and luxury. The 181-year-old house is the wardrobe of men who’ve made it and have no time for faff. Their needs are simple: a designed series of clothing of excellent quality in soft-to-the touch fabrics that can travel. Or not, contacts at Hermès tell us of “multiple wardrobes” for their top-spending clients, who have multiple residences. They will buy 5 of spring’s pin-tuck trousers; four of these will sit in four homes around the world. The fifth may sit on the yacht. Or it may be permanently packed in a valise, which is kept in his office: running multiple business sometimes requires you to fly off somewhere unexpected, quickly. He – or his personal shopper located in each Hermès boutique – will select the blouson Nichanian creates every season because “it works” and it’s tested. He doesn’t want to worry about “what to wear” and how. This has to be about simplicity in elevated fabrics. He’ll buy the shirts for weekend-wear and always the shoes. Always. Ask any man of means about the brand’s Izmir sandal and he’ll tell you: it’s *the* most beautifully constructed piece of kit you’ll ever wear on your feet. He means it

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans