Friday 23rd June

| BY Jack Moss

Hermès: Menswear SS18

“Sophisticated letting go,” were the words chosen by Hermès this evening to describe their SS18 menswear outing. Very us. We’ve been sophisticatedly letting go over London, Florence, Milan and Paris and are currently doing so over a large glass of vodka. Anyway. What to say about Hermès? Hermès is, quite literally, next level luxury. It oozes expense. Obviously totally into it. This evening’s show, as all Hermès shows do, came with a colour list. Red, navy, cinnamon, taupe, steam, black, ocean, bright green, royal blue, cumin, a delightful list of colours interwoven into a collection I want to call comfortable. Comfortable in the sense that this was Hermès, loosened-up. Sportified. Trousers, in lightweight wool, fell wide on the leg, shirty was boxy, oversized. And there was a casualness to it – sporty anoraks, in this incredible lustrous fabric, and matching trousers, sat next to zip-up plaid jackets and polo-neck knits. All enlivened with bright, playful prints. It was, unsurprisingly, a beautiful offering – clothes to covet, to invest in. They always are. But here, it felt like Hermès pushed forward – the beginning of a search for something new.

Photographs by Anna Stokland