Thursday 4th February

| BY Jack Moss

Hilfiger Edition: AW16 Menswear

webinstance_Group Model Shot

We’re thinking of school boys when we look at Tommy Hilfiger’s latest men’s collection. But not like boy boys. Sixth formers. Sixth form boys when you are in year eleven. Relentlessly better than you. Ascending each day to the common room and coming down occasionally to bless a girl from the year below with the possibility of a back row of the cinema feel-up. These boys know how to dress. They are cool. They have cars. They can get served at the local Wetherspoons. They wear a suit jacket over a bomber because well, why not. Their wide-leg, pajama-ish trousers stomp all over the grey uniform-issue ones upon your own legs. They’re the boys you want to be. Tommy called the collection Hilfiger Edition – “a carefully considered and thoughtfully reimagined collection of indispensable menswear classics.” So take in the Class of 2016 above. Aren’t they perfect?