Tuesday 14th June

| BY Natalie Dembinska

House of Holland: Menswear SS17

Think of Henry Holland’s latest offering for the males of the species as the fashion equivalent of sploshing. You know, that fetish where you get off on being covered in food, having pie smashed into your arse for example. Or elbowing a bowl of soup. This was covered in food. Well food labels. Well known logo’s were printed over simple basics in bright colours, the words reworded. Heinz Baked Beans turned into Heavy Big Saucy Bangers, Marmite came in the guise of All Nite, and goes hard apparently, whereas Quavers morphed into Ravers, which was rather appropriate for the presentation, seeing as it was set in a rave. Think of this as a homage to those heady days of the Hacienda. Rave on Quaver.