Sunday 17th January

| BY Jack Moss

Iceberg: AW16 Menswear

We had never really considered the need in our life for a bejewelled Mickey Mouse shaped mask before yesterday’s Iceberg show. Now we can’t think about anything else. They had a bit of a sinister vibe. Was Mickey was perhaps undertaking some sort of glamorous bank robbery? The toon was the muse of the show (the first in the trustworthy hands of Brit-designer James Long) found also across the clothes, splashed across sweaters, knitted into jumpers and then combined with poppy, trance-inducing prints – Mr Long has always been a dab hand when it comes to colour. There was also a military undercurrent to proceedings – slouchy aviator jackets, plenty of nylon, little fur trims on the hoods. The result – something old and something new – Iceberg’s DNA, revitalised. Like pressing reset.

Photographs courtesy of Iceberg