Friday 24th June

| BY 10 Magazine

Issey Miyake: Menswear SS17

Every designer starts with a blank piece of paper. But most, say, doodle something on it and begin a collection. Yusuke Takahashi is genius in the true mould of Issey Miyake though. Instead, he took the paper itself as the starting point, beginning with a collection of creased-up, bubbly white clothes that progressively exploded into vibrant colour. Oh, there was some black too – because that’s obviously what everyone wants, even from Miyake. The overall theme was India, the Holi festival, pigment being hurled about, the joy of colour. It was, Takahashi said, supposed to look as if you were turning “page after page” and discovering newness on each one. There was even a load of marbleised prints that resembled the endpapers of old books. What a lovely metaphor for a fashion collection. And, indeed, what a lovely collection.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans