John Alexander Skelton: Menswear SS22

John Alexander Skelton is a realist. The Yorkshire-born, London-based designer puts out two collections a year, and has come to the conclusion that only his autumn/winter offerings can be achieved through a laborious process. See, Skelton isn’t your average designer. His autumn collections are heavily narrative-based, constructed through an expansive level of research. He designs and develops the majority of fabrics in the collection, which means extensive time is needed to hand-dye and wash each piece to the desired effect of the designer.

That’s not to say Skelton’s spring/summer collections are any means throwaways. His latest offering – captured in a film by Rei Nadal – sees the designer adopt similar shapes to his last autumn collection, removing the heavy linings of shirts, trousers and jackets, to make them appropriate for the warm weather. Skelton mainly worked with antique linens, as well as hand-woven and hand-spun organic cottons, with shrunken three-piece suits, pinstriped jackets and illustration-laden shirts proving to be brand signatures and pieces to cherish for a lifetime.

Photography by Oscar Foster-Kane.