Saturday 24th June

| BY Jack Moss

Juun.J Show An XXL Men’s And Womens Collection In Paris

There’s something on the bed-sheet to this. Which is nice. We like bed. We like being in bed. We’d rather be in bed now – etc. etc. It meant that Juun.J’s collection this afternoon felt excessive. No bad thing – we’re big fans of having more than we need. There was a lot of fabric here – beginning with massive white nightshirts that folded back on the cuffs or pleated down the chest, some worn with pinstripe skirts on top (there were girls too) or roomy pinstripe trousers beneath.

XXL shirting continued throughout, some twisting around the body and over the shoulder, in this almost toga-esque way. Others fell down the model’s arms, revealing fitted jersey pieces beneath, or trailing with undone tie-fastenings. It finished with outerwear – these big, hybrid forms that Juun.J perfects season on season. Here, they came as if two coats of different colours had been stitched together, becoming either as huge bombers or strangely elegant macs.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans