Monday 25th June

| BY Richard Gray

Kenzo: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

You are requested to “gather and unify” in celebration of the presentation of Kenzo Spring Summer 2019 said the invitation: a mix of men’s and women’s high fashion, bags, sneakers and shoes from the design duo Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. Since their arrival at the house of Kenzo in 2011, both have continued with their aim of injecting the brand “with a youthful spirit and a sense of fun and cheekiness.” Meeting somewhere between high-fashion and beautifully elevated shopping is the Kenzo of now, and it appeals to a customer fascinated by the brand’s “now-buzz”. From their iconic tiger print sweats to the beautifully colourful and contemporary wardrobe of easy trousers, jeans and hoodies, the duo have managed to fire up the brand to become the young vibrant powerhouse of looks it is today. The “gather and unify”? A party, a special occasion, where all ages and persuasions and peoples come together to have fun. It’s gay Pride all around the world and Paris is already starting to buzz for the city’s own celebrations next weekend. Pull on your bright knits and super-wide trousers: this is going to be a street-rave. And while you’re there, that natty leather shopper, here, the print of which came from a fashion show invitation from sometime in the 1970s, is great. It’s the kind of “add to cart” easy shopping the duo do so well. That and those mountaineering / trackside trainer morphs. You can just make out those beauties, at the bottom of the picture, here.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans