Kenzo: Menswear SS17

Remember your school disco? Your first rave? Dressing like Damon Albarn in the nineties and hoping, desperately, you looked as cool as he did? That’s what Humberto Leon and Carol Lim’s Kenzo show was all about. It was an ode to club gear – not nightlife, given its neon bright palette and early Saturday time slot. Then again maybe they were thinking of the kind of hedonists who head out and never wind up getting to bed? 10am on a Saturday sounds about the right time. A mash up of poppy joyful print, plenty lifted from the kind of flyers still littering streets today as promos for those kind of parties and others mimicking mid-nineties club wear graphics, the stuff you didn’t buy when you were 15 passing for 18 at the local disco trying to look cool by not dancing to “Rhymth Is A Dancer.” Or maybe that was just us?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans

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