Saturday 27th June

| BY 10Magazine

Kenzo Paris Ss16 What Where How Effing Hell

What? Where? How? Effing hell! Just a few of our thoughts as we walked through blackout curtains into a storage space about half an hour’s drive from the centre of Paris. This was the Kenzo show, and the design duo had transformed the whole space into a desert scene with huge fake rocks and space-age light units that began to rise as the show music began.

Then exit after exit of draw-string detail grey trousers – some with what looked like Velcro fastenings – and two-way denim: light and dark cotton sewn together in the same pair of jeans and a jacket, too. The theme was utility and future fabrics.

And was that strange knit with the fascinating pinches of fabrics which stood erect from the rest of the jumper something to do with outer space? The whole show had more than a hint of international research centre and alleged flying saucer crash storage site Roswell. Cue X-Files theme tune.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans