Monday 27th June

| BY 10 Magazine

Lanvin: Menswear SS17

Romance is a beautiful thing. As the Beatles once sang “All You Need Is Love”. They also sang Yellow Submarine. No reason for mentioning that, it’s just a good song. Lucas Ossendrijver was thinking romance rather than submarine vehicles for his latest Lanvin show, and it was lovey-dovey to the core. We wouldn’t mind fostering a relationship with most of what lovely Lucas offered today, the flowing shirts tugged open at the neck, the long billowing lightweight coats, the elegantly frayed and distressed tailoring. The arrow-detail belts and pendants were suitably cupid-y too, and Ossendrijver scribbled lovelorn poetry along the waistband of his trousers. He’s evidently an incurable romantic, in the vein of folks like Byron and Keats but working with clothes rather than prose. This lot will be on sale next spring – so how about buying a bunch of Lanvin’s clothes for your valentine?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans