Wednesday 30th May

| BY Roxy Lola

Lennon Gallagher Stars In Saint Laurent’s Autumn/ Winter 2018 Campaign

Here’s a bit of Gallagher glory for your Wednesday afternoon. Yes, Lennon is Anthony Vaccarello’s chosen one for Saint Laurent menswear, a fact confirmed when he appeared in the Autumn/ Winter 2018 show. Now comes the campaign, a continuation of the one we have been keeping up with (Kaia, Zoe, Charlotte so far) now Lennon is leading the men. We do love Lennon. Here he is walking to the sound of Vaccarello’s favourite tune for this campaign, Venus in Fur by The Velvet Underground. It’s the theme for this season. In his fluffy leopard print coat he has all the Saint Laurent swag, black jeans, shirt, belt and boots are the uniform. Rockstar, or son of. Yes we know he’s forging his own model path, and continue to forge away because he does feel so right here, this is Lennon’s kind of territory, cleverly cast into the YSL picture by Mr Vaccarello. All we’re saying is if Lennon and Gene decide to pull a Liam and Noel and start a band, they should definitely be dressed in exclusively Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. And preferably remain on good terms. Tomorrow never knows what it doesn’t know too soon.  But really, all we know is that Lennon in Saint Laurent is the sweet spot.