Sunday 13th January

| BY Richard Gray

Les Hommes: Menswear AW19

Tailoring intersected with hi-vis hoodies and mashed with references to cycling and mountaineering; a kind of outdoor pursuits in the city. The Les Hommes designers Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch have finely tuned their aesthetic in recent seasons and this autumn it cleverly riffed on the life of a modern commuter. The collection looked cooler and fresher and came punctuated with hits of neon and a reference to the city at night and it’s various comings and goings; people going about their business. Modern city living requires modern, protective clothing. For the fast-paced, oftentimes, dangerous commute try the hi-tech raincoats and hoodies, cagoules and formal coats – the outerwear was great.

The dark signature Les Hommes palate came lifted with some deft styling: nighttime cityscape neon hoodies, referencing traffic lights and commercial signage, brought a hi-viz energy to the outfits. The accompanying accessories were perfectly-sized to carry that all-essential gig-worker laptop and charger; a gym kit as well. These will be big hits at retail. One rucksack came with souvenir carabiners hanging off the back. Urban city living just got seriously cooler come autumn.

Photographs by Jason Llloyd-Evans.