Saturday 7th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Liam Hodges: Menswear AW17

The press release, because really, where better place to start than that, for Liam Hodges’ show today began with a quote by poet Hector Aponysus reads: “looking for a vocation at the decline of civilisation”. Which points to the idea that this, Liam’s AW17 collection, was about dystopia. The end of the world. And really, to quote another poet of our time, Britney Spears, what better to do than “keep on dancing till the world ends”? Because there was something of the rave to this. Think, party in Mad Max land (we can’t, of the top of our heads, remember what this was called) as the world falls to a pox around it. Neon green hoodies, elongated on the arms, camo, coloured furs. Military-inflected hues, lifted from army fatigues, puffa jackets without collars so that the hoodies could slot perfectly beneath. The notes also reference – what else? – Mary, the triple-breasted sex worker from Total Recall (also printed on a sweater) who, by our reckoning, was up for a good time. And the name of the whole thing, taken from a piece of graffiti also found in Total Recall? Dystopia Lives. And what better statement to end on than that?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans