Sunday 7th January

| BY Jack Moss

Liam Hodges: Menswear AW18

Weekend activities (sleep, drink, drink more, eat, crippling depression, repeat) have been momentarily interrupted because *ta-dah* it’s another edition of London Fashion Week Men’s. Hurrah! We’ve been on the go allllll day. Well, not entirely true, as this, Liam Hodges’ Autumn 2018 show was our very first show of the day. ‪At 6pm‬. Lazy? How dare you – we’ve been tip-tapping away putting the final touches to the brand new issue (plug: coming soon) in the OFFICE. I know! Disgusting. But enough of that. Liam Hodges. Liam is great. He is a great person, and he makes brill clothes. It’s work wear – as in, clothes that work, that do their function as items of clothing that don’t render you entirely unable to, say, walk, move, breathe. Clever! So what did that look like? Well remember Noel Edmund’s House Party? And gunge? And Mr Blobby? 90s kids TV? Cartoons? Well that, combined with new wave, Ian Drury, The Blockheads. Que? Well, it worked. Drawn cartoon prints, polka dots, Mr Blobby knits clashed with roomy suiting, punk-y checked trousers and braces. A return to youthful pleasures said Liam, at once a refusal to boot-up and grow-up, at another, a whole new foray into the grown-up world of tailoring. Sportswear influences still abounded, though – this time, the track pants were cut slimmer, flannel at the front and nylon on the back, “less shouty” Liam said. Note also the rather fabulous trainers, made in collaboration with Fila, a take on their 90s style, the Disruptor II. We’re big fans – translation: send us a pair?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans