Tuesday 14th June

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Liam Hodges: Menswear SS17

I know I’ve said before that you shouldn’t really start one of these things with a quote from the press release, but what if that quote poses a very valid question, one that more people should be focusing on and one that sums up the momentun that has quietly built up behind Liam Hodges. So what’s the question? “But what if, in a fashion world saturated by white noise, where everyone claims they have something to say, where too many speak a bunch of gibberish, a quiet focus on product can actually speak loudest of all?” There’s something to be said about making clothes that are well designed to, to put it quite simply, wear. That perform the function they were designed to perform, and Liam does exactly that. Think of this as workwear. Not clothes to work in but clothes that work. And what I hear you ask, does that look like exactly? Well, think a walking patchwork, or should that be collage, of classic workwear staples that have been ever so slightly tweaked. Baggy shorts are constructed from panels of grey marl jersey, shirts, haphazardly sewn together. Pockets are patched onto jackets and trousers, giving the appearance of those patches people used to sew on clothes to cover holes, not the kind that you sewed onto to pledge allegiance to whatever tribe you belonged to. Oversize zip up, puffy waistcoats are worn over voluminous hoodies. White laces trail from short sleeves, are tied around ankles. Everything is bunched and scrunched. Not only are these clothes to wear now, they’re shown in the same way you’d wear them out on the street. Which is a novel enough idea in itself.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans