Friday 23rd June

| BY Jack Moss

Loewe: Menswear SS18

I want to call this skimpy. To which I am mainly referring to a single look, a teeny-tiny suede singlet and equally teeny-tiny shorts. It made us feel strange things. Good strange things. Skimpy also were some little striped knicker-y things hanging with ties on each side that Sophia thought would look very good on Garth. I chose not to imagine. Vests were narrow, shorts were brief, skin was exposed – one model’s tummy revealed from under the curved hemline of a cropped jumper-cum-shirt.

The collection itself was photographed in Salvador Dali’s house in Catalonia, Spain, a place that also inspired the space here in Paris today, Jonathan talking of this creative, Spanish life by the sea, an inspiration point that has run through his past few collections. But this time it was about adolescent imagination, and there was certainly something teenage here – garments either elongated the body or shortened it, giving this slightly awkward silhouette, or the playful details – laced-up pointed hats, Scout-like badges, giant clutch bags. Jonathan always creates this rich, creative world at Loewe – clothes driven by imagination, but clothes to wear, too. And what better fantasy than one you can buy?