Sunday 10th June

| BY Dino Bonacic

Lou Dalton: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

If we’re going off this latest Lou Dalton collection, we could totally be persuaded into becoming country kinda gals. “Getting caught in a sudden cloudburst on the hottest day of the year,” her presentation notes told us, painting a pretty fabulous picture that we want to jump into, dressed head to toe in Lou’s designs, natch. Menswear collections are rarely described as chic, but this one definitely was. Drawing inspiration from rural England and Lou’s home county of Shropshire, the looks emitted a sense of nostalgia; carefree youth, running through fields of poppies, not thinking about anything other than what to have for dinner. Throwing it back to her early days, Lou focused on the idea of charmingly mismatched contemporary classics: a striped short-sleeved shirt was worn with a pair of checked shorts, while a subtle argyle knit was layered under a pink bleached denim jacket and an oversized striped short. All of the boys were also wearing work boots, giving these otherwise casual clothes a sense of utility. And you can actually imagine real people wearing them – those guys you look at and think “Damn, they are cool!” The presentation space was also filled with a custom scent created by parfumeur extraordinaire Timothy Han – an elevated smell of sunny meadows completing this rural fashion fantasy. We’re suddenly craving a straw of hay to chew on. That’s the power of Lou Dalton.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans