Thursday 18th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Louis Vuitton: Menswear AW18

Yes, the rumours, non rumours even, are true. Kim Jones is leaving the house that Louis built. To quote from, and before I do, I must apologise profusely, it’s been a day of Magic FM, Jamie of Blunt, ‘ Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend.’ And yes I know that I do not know Kim personally, but in my head, we’re tighter than, oh whatever. More importantly though, the question on everyone’s lips is, what’s next for Kim? Which while very pressing isn’t the most pressing question raised at the Louis Vuitton AW18 show just now. There’s an issue that needs to be addressed far more urgently- Is wipe and go the new wash and go? I don’t think there was a single piece sent down that runway that couldn’t have been instantly cleaned should an accidental spillage occur? You laugh now, but may I suggest you direct your eyes to the final two exits. Flasher macs, in full LV monogram, artfully displayed on the backs of a certain Naomi Campbell and some lass people refer to as Mossy (Kate Moss). Whats more, those macs were plasticised! Hence the question, is wipe and go the new wash and go? And to raise the even more pertinent question, how do you say goodbye to someone whom you’ve spent the past seven years knowing intimately, but only in your head? To paraphrase from the gospel of Abba, ‘Thank you for the fashions, the clothes I’m wearing’.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans