Monday 8th January

| BY Jack Moss

MAN: Menswear AW18

Mama Lulu’s Class of Spring 2018 take to the catwalk. First – Art School. Business and pleasure. Office trousers fell into explosions of sequins at the ankle, pinstripe suits came up high and tight. Sheer dresses revealed the models bodies (and knickers) beneath, and shirting, in duchesse satin, adding a “softness”, a word the pair described the show as – “soft” – on the release. But where their clothes come to life is in the wearing, modelled, as they are by Art School’s cast of beautiful misfits. We love this pair – expect big things. Next, Rottingdean Bazaar. Little England. That weirdness of seaside towns – beginning with a rambling man and a bird song whistle – and coming through in a play on all the paraphernalia of seaside Britain, price tags stuck over a naked man, a t-shirt with “we do big sizes” emblazoned on it, their university tutor dressed as a dartboard. Brilliantly mad. It finished, as all good things now should, with Harry Bradshaw carrying a Naomi cut-out in a slip dress. Last was newbie Stefan Cooke, whose subversive clothing looks like one thing but is actually another – a tucked in shirt and and trousers is, in fact, a jumpsuit, a bag is encased in a perspex box, prints suggest texture. It gives it all a strange whiff of fetish in the way it reveals the shape of the model’s bodies. Super stuff – this lot are shaping the future.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans