Wednesday 13th March

| BY Richard Gray

From Issue 49 of Ten Men: Marc Goehring Is One Of Our People to Meet

Swit swoo and a hearty knicker twang. Gentlemen, and a few of the ladies, feast your eyes on hot-to-trot fashion machine Marc Goehring of Berlin and the exceptional mode tome 032C. We quickly found room in our fashion garage to park the beast that is Herr Goehring and his favourite look for this spring. Is there a more upbeat gent in the fashion world? Always smiling, always chatting and always, always nice. We love you, Marc Goehring, and your Berghain- sex-club approach to the runway of life. Here he is on his tumescence-teasing choice of clothes.

Richard Gray: Why is this outfit your look of the season?
Marc Goehring: “Calvin should be everyone’s look of the season!”

RG: What’s the best thing that could happen to you in this outfit?
MG: “Surviving a sharknado.”

RG: If you wore this to Berghain, would you get sex?
MG: “It would be impossible to get these pants off – too sweaty in there.”

RG: How do you feel in this look?
MG: “Hot’n’sharky.”

RG: Are your fashion choices brave?
MG: “I’m just real [Paints Disney Channel logo in the air.].”

RG: Is fashion like sex?
MG: “Fashion sucks [Winks.].”

RG: How would you describe your fashion look?

Photography by Anna Stockland.