Monday 5th July

| BY Bailey Slater

Martine Rose: Menswear AW21

Martine Rose is the inimitable spirit of London fashion, indulging in the cheeky allure of ‘bad taste’ and always coming to a mouth-watering conclusion.

For AW21, the designer surprise dropped a collection of singular wardrobe separates at our feet, indulging fashion’s past whilst also charting its future. Think of it as a jumble of the jeans, sweatshirts and t-shirts that litter your bedroom floor before a night out, which, as it happens, all look incredible when paired together.

It’s a testament to those of us who cannot decide on what to wear before leaving the house, the style icon’s who adore wide-leg jeans but also require them to be emblazoned in a slew of oh-so-British rhinestones – you know, the red, white and blue variety – now that the footy’s on. Think denim dresses, worn back to front and emblazoned with circular R’s; or cotton trousers that act as cowboy chaps, paired with studded belts in thick black leather and herringbone trousers – for the cruiser who has work till 6pm, and a cheeky date with a glory hole at 7pm.

Elsewhere pink crushed velvet rules supreme in slinky trousers and sharp tailored jackets, bathroom loofahs unfurl into fuzzy jumpers, track pants flare out with poppers and you can even live out your wildest fetish daddy fantasy in a get-up comprised of smooth, blood-red leather. And yes, there are more chaps here, too.

Her fleeting array of chunky belt buckles, classic pastel shirts and leather cross-body bags – wide enough for a packet of cigs and a noughties flip phone – tell a story of her own ascent to the top of the fashion food chain over the last decade. And, if we’re honest, also make autumn look pretty fucking sexy.

Photography courtesy of Martine Rose.