Sunday 8th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Matthew Miller: Menswear AW17

Bit of a problem. That model’s nose is streaming with blood. And that one’s eyes. We know it was an early call time but, please, this seems excessive. Oh wait, it’s meant to be there. It is, in fact make-up. And it’s less messy nosebleed that clean lines of red down the face. Bit symbolic. Bit scary. Fitting, though, for a collection entitled “Fear Itself”. Fitting too was the colour palette, which was, bar a few exceptions, black.Can we call it minimal punk? Well, we are. Clean-lined outerwear, a bit of leather, hoodies with long, ribbon fastenings. To finish? Big old utility harnesses, clipped on to the models. Can we have one for all our invites?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans