Sunday 12th June

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Matthew Miller: Menswear SS17

Wartime was the feeling at Matthew Miller. Bear with me, it sounds like a stretch but it really wasn’t. The sad soundtrack booming through the room from the get go started it. There were boys (and girls) and they also seemed sad. Was there an ongoing war? Perhaps. Their linen garms made from rationed materials. Don’t just think doom and gloom though it was wartime with a little bit of punk. Not a scream in your face punk, but rather a soft punk. Think leather jackets worn as shirts, badges attached to every possible surface and safety pinned jackets emblazoned with ‘NEGASONIC TEENAGE WARHEAD’. A denim jacket with matching jeans bleached to resemble clouds. But dirty. A little ruined. Like it had lived a life. And oddly enough it’s a life we wouldn’t mind living.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans