Sunday 7th February

| BY Jack Moss

McQ: Menswear AW16

Let’s just say that we’re very much a “yes” to any show that includes a thigh-high lace-up boot in its opening look. Spesh when it’s for men. Feels like something the more “fashion forward” members of Team 10 (Garth) would be into. But don’t panic, there was plenty here for those who aren’t quite ready to talc up their legs for footwear purposes. Let’s call it moody teenage boy fair – giant wide leg trousers, grunge-y checks, hoodies, a nice line in leather jackets. And basically, since we’ve never grown out of our stroppy pubescent years this is all we want to wear. Or, in the words of McQ – “each piece defines the man while never ignoring the importance of youth”.  Right, off to listen to some My Chemical Romance. BRB.