Thursday 23rd May

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Tips on Wearing Men’s Jewellery Without Looking Like Jack Sparrow

I’ve always found something creepy about the idea of men’s jewellery. There’s the Italian mafioso chomping down on a greasy pizza with his pinkie trapped by a fat golden signet on one side and the aged wannabe rockstar that’s way too old to be asking for a bump in a nightclub on the other. The idea of men wearing jewellery has never been synonymous with being fashionable or chic in the same way women’s jewellery has. While diamonds portray a statement of opulence for its wearer no matter the gender (from crown jewels to rappers), it’s quite rare to see a man using jewellery like a fashion object, accessorising with it like he would with a bucket hat. Instead, there’s just a bunch of personality-less, MASC4MASC pieces that look like they belong in your tool box, as well as the witchy rings encrusted with colourful gems which were probably worn by Jack Sparrow on one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. That is until now, as the new era of men’s jewellery seems to finally be upon us.

First it was Harry Styles on the first Monday of May mounting the pink stairs of the Met with a Gucci pearl earring in his right ear. Now, it’s the launch of Alighieri’s men’s line, possibly the chicest men’s jewellery we’ve encountered in recent history. Just like their successful women’s collection which has already garnered the support of NEWGEN, Alighieri Man is inspired by the rich source of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, with each object from the collection corresponding to one of poet’s 100 poems. “Just like Dante’s subjects, each piece of jewellery is battered, imperfect and little bit melancholic,” says Rosh Mantani, who founded the brand in 2014. After seeing many a man wearing her necklaces in their own unique way, she decided to expand into the uncharted territory of the man’s jewellery box. Simultaneously with the sad boy phenomenon taking over the world of pop music, Mantani is finally bringing a level of aesthetic depth to the men’s jewellery category. There’s a story and a sort of fragility to these pieces. Not just in the thought process behind them but also the visual language they speak through. Poetic talismans on a variety of chains, rough signets and pearl-drop earrings – the range is not a masculine equivalent to the original line, but a new chapter clearly giving way to how modern men dress and accessorise. At first sight, it’s difficult to even see whether these pieces are new or vintage, perhaps dug out from the ruins of an ancient Italian village.

Layered on top of each other or just as individual amulets – Alighieri Man pieces present you with an opportunity to embrace your inner Harry Styles or Frank Ocean and express your emotion via that little gold thing dangling around your neck. And don’t you worry – no one will ever be mistaken for Johnny Depp while doing so…

The Alighieri Man jewellery collection is now available to shop online.