Wednesday 9th July

| BY 10Magazine

Michael Kors S S15 Mens Collection

The Daily Mail published an article in 2012 heralding “the rise of the “mankle”“. Needless to say it was apocalyptic in its tone but then The Mail has never been known for his appreciation of forward-thinking fashion. Personally I enjoy an ankle grazer. More than a roll-up. It makes for a cleaner finish. Not only does it provide your lower leg with a cool, ventilating breeze (useful in the summer months), it allows you to show off your shoes (useful when you are wearing Michael Kors footwear) and also your ankles (useful when you are proud of said body part or otherwise seeking to attract people with a fetish for said body part). Michael Kors adds even more weight to the ankle grazer’s case, littering his spring/summer 2015 men’s collection with them. In fact there’s no alternative trouser length in his collection – shoe or floor grazers, or otherwise. The ankle grazers (can we call them AGs?) are accompanied by luxury Harrington jackets, Breton striped shirts, T-shirts and hoodies, classic loafers and rope-soled sandals as well as Michael Kors’s take on summer tailoring. It’s very luxurious in a summering in the Hamptons kind of way. And we all know how well Michael does luxury.

By Ted Stansfield