Friday 6th November

| BY 10 Magazine

10 Questions with Michele Morrone, The Multi-faceted Star Who is the Worldwide Face of Guess Mens

Take yourselves back to lockdown 1.0: you were probably one of millions upon millions of people who logged onto Netflix to watch the streaming service’s latest original movie 365 Days. Since its release back in June, the worldwide hit has gone on to become the most-streamed film in Netflix history. Whoah. This tremendous accolade is largely down to the film’s lead – and Hollywood’s newest hunk – Michele Morrone. Followed by a whopping 11 million people on Instagram, Morrone has swiftly become cinema’s hottest star.

The multi-talented Italian star not only flexed his acting chops in the global phenomenon, but soundtracked some of the film’s sauciest scenes with hits from his debut album, Dark Room. Tracks such as “Hard For Me” and “Feel It” has garnered over 20 million streams each – making Morrone not only a key contender in the future of the Hollywood film industry, but making him one of pop’s newest sensations.

All this makes Morrone the perfect candidate to be the newest worldwide face for Guess Mens. Fronting the brand’s autumn/winter campaign, Morrone can be seen suited and booted in this year’s Guess holiday fashions. From slender smoking suits and beige nylon overcoats, to street-centric parkas and ace leather jackets, Michele Morrone looks cool, calm and even cooler in key pieces from the collection, available across the world now.

As you can imagine, a star like Morrone is hard to pin down for an interview, but we were lucky enough to catch him for a quick round of questions somewhere between his never-ending schedule.

1. Describe your last year in three words?

“Magical, blessed, deep.”

2. When you’re not streaming 365 Days, what else are you watching on Netflix?

“I watched a very interesting series called Unorthodox.

3. What is your fondest memory from being on the set of 365 Days?

“The first day of shooting, I was agitated but I also knew that this will be a life-changing experience.”

4. Where’s best to get Italian food outside of Italy?

“I travel a lot and I have tried a lot of food but nothing can be compared to the Italian food in Italy.”

5. Which one of your favourite movies do you wish you could’ve starred in?

“I wish I acted in Bram Stoker’s Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola.”

6. If you could collaborate with anyone on your follow-up album, who would it be?

“I would love to work with Sam Smith, he’s a great artist with an amazing voice.”

7. What’s your favourite piece from your Guess collaboration?

“The white tuxedo for sure, it classical and looks vintage.”

8. You’re an actor and a singer – what’s a third secret talent we don’t know about?

“I can paint and definitely cook good eggs lol.”

9. What’s your favourite track from Dark Room to sing live?

“Watch me burn is my go-to.”

10. Why is Guess the perfect brand to collaborate with?

“Guess is a classic and iconic brand known all over the world and it’s such an honour to work with them. Let’s not forget how Guess has built a reputation with their beautiful photography throughout the world.”

Photography courtesy of Guess. The Guess Holiday 2020 collection is available here.