Saturday 26th November

| BY Jack Moss

Missoni Debuts Men’s Pre-Fall 2017

Because why should womenfolk have all the fun? Here’s Missoni’s first first Pre-Fall collection for men, meaning that no longer must we wait ridonkulous amounts of times between to satiate our need for all things knitted, coloured and patterned. Now, Missoni men can be satisfied pretty much year round. Good news. The collection, we are told, finds its roots in the Japanese countryside and its movement from natural to industrial. So could we call it a sort of industrial revolution in clothing form? Well, apaart from like, smog and child labour and stuff. Think instead of this as nature-inspired clothing made with thoroughly modern techniques – dégradé stripes, intricate intarsia patterns and a clash of textures and patterns, designed to represent the environment around us. Which, in real terms, means a collection that is, quite literally, a ready-made wardrobe for the modern man. And, as a nod to the Japanese inspiration, this time there is denim “wefted” with space-dye yarns on shuttle looms. There will also be, as an add-on to the collection, Missoni men’s beachwear. What better way to step into 2017?