Sunday 26th March

| BY Natalie Dembinska

MSGM: The Pouch


As anyone who has ever attended a rave will know, there comes a moment, at some point in the evening, where mental faculties are suddenly restored and you find that you have been squatting in a dark corner, facing the wall and crying due to the ingestion of too much of whatever it was you spent too much money on. Or you’ll be dancing frantically and alluringly with the nearest concrete pillar. This is usually followed by sweet relief when, after instinctively delving in your pocket, you find that your house keys are still there. Obviously, this scenario could be avoided by a) not ingesting illicit substances (as if), or b) by carrying a bag. The bag we’re thinking of, by MSGM, is more pouch, or perhaps more tourist money belt, though the MSGM pouch is not to be worn under one’s clothes. Instead, it should be casually slung across your torso via a sturdy black strap and a shiny metal karabiner. Notice the length of the strap – long enough to hang, short enough to not accidentally fall off when you’re in the throes of dance madness. The little zip ensures that the pouch’s contents won’t accidentally fall out either, so that you can, in the midst of grinding against a pillar, not suddenly panic when you come to and start the search for your keys. They’ll be safe and secure in your pouch.

Taken froIssue 45 of 10 Men, FLUID UNIQUE BRAVE, on newsstands now… 

Photographers Luke & Nik
Fashion Editor Will Johns