Sunday 20th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

Namacheko: Menswear AW19

Being a brand that’s only been out there for two years, and having a clear message that comes across instantly, as soon as the first look comes down the catwalk. That special power is something not many designers have. But Namacheko does. Dilan and Lezan Lurr, the brother-sister duo with a background in civil engineering, have an impressive list of stockists and an even more impressive design thesaurus which is so distinctly demonstrated in their collections. Their Kurdish background (both were born in Iraq and then moved to Sweden in 1997) has been serving as inspiration from the very beginning, when they launched their brand back in 2017. And with elements of the heritage still there, their yesterday’s AW19 show makes it seem like the trajectory of Namacheko has now gone slightly more to the West. Referencing his student days in Sweden, being 23 and feeling all those existential doubts a young adult naturally does, Dilan Lurr brings in his civil engineering studies into the conversation. Not just with precise cuts and highly technical approach to textiles, but also with the general, student-like sensibility to the clothes. The Namacheko boys and girls actually look like students, but instead of cheap, bric-a-brac tailoring, they’re immaculately suited in modern twinsets and painterly knitwear with skinny ties and robust outerwear. The colour story is bringing in more vivid, almost neon colours to their signature cold hues, furthering this notion of a real-life wardrobe, and not just show pieces. And that’s definitely why that earlier-mentioned impressive list of stockists keeps getting bigger.

Namacheko aren’t going for eye-catching clothes which look good in the moment, even though there’s plenty of that in the mix too. Their clothes seem carefully thought-out and ooze with longevity – what through cut and shape as well as the textile choice and the way they are put together.  It’s an investment wardrobe that looks oh, so appealing. And only sky is the limit…