Saturday 23rd January

| BY Paul Toner

Namacheko: Menswear AW21

During this morning’s Namacheko film, you could barely see any clothes. That’s because the fuzzy, rapid-fire clip was shot in a gloomy space on 16mm film. Siblings Lezan and Dilan Lurr described this season’s collection as “emerging from the bunker, undercover, neither shellshocked nor indifferent,” so it made sense things were a bit blurry. Were the brother-sister duo plotting a dystopian future? One where the going-ons of the world get so intense that we need to become an underground society? Maybe so. What we do know is that entering the outside world post-pandemic wearing a Namachecko knit sounds like a rather nice scenario., indeed.

The collection rotated between distressed cardis, punky mohair jumpers, and loads of fuzzy coats in various shapes and sizes. Like many of their menswear contemporaries, the Namacheko designers wanted to create a collection with feeling this season. Y’know, the sort of clothes you have to run through your fingers before you can truly appreciate how great they are? Until we can get inside a shop to have a feel, we’ll be blissfully daydreaming about owning one of those jumpers.

Photography courtesy of Namacheko.