Sunday 12th June

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Nasir Mazhar: Menswear SS17

Utility chic. Spring Summer 2017 in the world of Nasir Mazhar to quote from an overheard conversation, all about utility chic. A GI Joe doll come to life, but not in a Child’s Play Chucky way. This doll will not try to possess your soul while you sleep and then try to kill you. Instead think Indiana Jones, think MacGuyver. Hand him a paper clip and he can save the world. This was classic Nasir, urban sportswear with a strapping harness, in a palette of dried blood red, black and a softer peachy hue. Track suits were spliced together from lava lamp swirls and circular peep holes and paired with a full length sleeveless fur that took the utility out of MacGuyver and infused him with the badassness of Wesley Snipes as the Blade.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans