Thursday 27th October

| BY Will Johns

Nicopanda: Ready-to-wear SS17

“There is so much negativity in the world, right now,” said Nicola Formichetti. “We wanted to create an optimistic movement that starts with the clothes, and makes a strong statement without using any words, at all.” Amen! And to honour Nicola’s wonderful mantra, we’ll use just a few. Sit back, relax, clear your mind on this dull, grey Thursday morning and let the vivid beauty of this bold, bright new collection wash over you. Allow the accents of pillar box red, graphic rugby stripes and futuristic, utilitarian silhouettes lift your spirits. Still feeling a little blue? Then take comfort in the fact that once this collection, which of course portrays the brands non-linear and unconventional ethos, hits the stores, you’ll be able to ram your wardrobe with a fresh set of wares ‘for a new generation that seeks the demise of traditional thinking and empowers the rise of youth culture’. You can always count on Nicopanda to brighten up our day.