Saturday 13th February

| BY 10 Magazine

Nicopanda: SS16 Campaign

No, that is not a little bottle of Nicopanda-branded poppers ready for the fashion-conscious gent to hoof next time he’s in G A Y, that is candy. Delicious, high-inducing candy. According to Mr Formichetti, anyway. Which means it’s definitely going to more enjoyable. Far longer lasting and less likely to make your brain feel like it’s about to spontaneously combust. “It’s the hard and soft side of Nicopanda” he says of the SS16 campaign. “It’s an amalgamation of subcultures which collide into one universe.” So obv he didn’t pick normal old models to be the campaign’s stars, but a gang of trendy acquaintances – artists Phillipa Horan and Sydney Weisman, skater boy Anthony DeFalco and ET Chong, a friend of his assistant. The message? “Fashion is for everyone. It’s genderless, ageless and for people who are free-spirited and want to have fun!”