Tuesday 21st May

| BY Dino Bonacic

Nigel Sylvester is the BMX Virtuoso Starring In the Latest Fendi Project


If you thought you looked cool cycling down Victoria Park on your vintage racer, think again. The master of art that is BMX and a hunky dreamboat we’d love to go for a Roman holiday with, Nigel Sylvester is taking us all on a stroll up, down and all around the Fendi HQ at Palazzo Dela Civiltà Italiana. Turning from a music venue into a sports arena, the monumental architectural achievement continues its evolution through the F is For… Fendi project. After a rooftop gig in February, Fendi hired Sylvester to prove just how action-friendly are the menswear looks from their SS19 collection. Rear wheel jumps and 360° flips (is that what you call them?) – the morning commute cycle just got a bit more challenging, and much more chic. And just because it’s Fendi, there’s even a custom BMX bike covered in the signature F-logo print to complete the full lewk.

Freedom is riding my bicycle around the world. Using it as my playground, as a place where I can dream and express myself,” Sylvester says. We wouldn’t expect anything less poetic from a man who’s name-checked by Jay-Z in a Frank Ocean song. And when faced with the most important question, this modern-day Romeo charms even more… F is For…? “Flowing.” Where do we sign the papers? No prenup needed…