Wednesday 30th May

| BY Roxy Lola

Nike Collaborates With Matthew M Williams

nike_mainThe countdown to the release of Matthew M Williams’ Nike collaboration is firing up. Matthew M Williams is the man behind New York-based label Alyx, LVMH Prize Finalist and infamous for the Rollercoast belt, often worn by Slick Woods and Bella Hadid aka all The Ones. Working with Nike, Williams now has a collaboration under his (Rollercoaster) belt that will have all those collab fanatics going wild. The collection is performance gear only, in which Williams has done the math, analysing data on heat, sweat and motion. Although we at Ten Towers aren’t really the type to ‘train’, we sure do like to put on a performance daily, and so will turn all this performance gear into our every day uniform. “What computational design and computer data can offer is really the future of design,” said Williams. “It helps to create a different perspective that we can build around.” Clever designs, quite literally. The collection will include both menswear and womenswear, a selection of neutral t-shirts, singlets, leggings etc. To keep momentum going until the collaboration drops on July 12, Nowness have released a film titled ‘Captured Motion,’ directed by Thibaut Grevet and shot in an eerie quarry in Kiev, somewhere that looks from the future with the MMW x Nike collection out in full force. The film sees people in the clothes move, cobra-like on top of the world and down in the quarry, with flashes between human motion and digital renders. Proof that you can really move to the music in these pieces. Move to the music we will. Our kind of training.