Tuesday 20th June

| BY Jack Moss

No 21: Menswear SS18

This was fresh. Like mint. Or sucking on a lime. It began with a big, optic white shirt and slinky little shorts, also white. Shorts that were short by name, and very short by nature – compounding the necessity to somehow establish thighs of steel for next summer. It’s all about leg. Like the legs that crept out from under a mac (look 11) which sort of gave the illusion that the model was completely nude beneath – he wasn’t. But the suggestion was there.

Anyway, we might be exaggerating slightly in saying this was ALL about the leg, because there were some trousers too. Nice checkered ones, or denim that sat high on the waist and was loose and roomy in the leg. They felt summery too, worn with open cotton shirting or loose, colourful knitwear (dropped at the shoulder), or these bold, chunky-collared polo shirts. On the feet – sliders and socks, or weighty 80s-tinged trainers. It finished with prints – Hawaiian flowers and more surfers (which has to be a trend by now) – and then a flash of full-on neon yellow. The sign of a good collection is (amongst other things) the level of desire to strip off one’s own clothing and replace it with the designer’s in question, and, in this heat, this was a collection that looked very tempting indeed.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans