Sunday 10th December

| BY Finn Blythe

Object Of Desire: The Raf Simons’ Woolmark Sweater

RafThis was always going to be good, wasn’t it? The world’s finest merino in the creative clutches of Raf Simons. The newly anointed Fashion Awards Designer of the Year for his work with Calvin Klein, meets the the global authority on wool. So what happened next? Well, first were those I HEART NY jumpers, back at his AW17 show, and now, a second-born – the I HEART TOKYO jumper. I mean, you can tell they are siblings. And isn’t he a beauty? He’s inherited his father’s style, silhouette, and evidently, his love for Tokyo, but he has his mother’s distinctive warmth and fuzziness. What is it they say about the apple not falling far from the tree? I mean, look at all that excess room across the gut and arms. Perfect for the expanding both are likely to undergo over the festive weeks. And really, doesn’t everything not just look better in Japanese? Onto the bad news. It’s only available at Ginza’s Dover Street Market Store. Which is in Tokyo. Raf’s a huge fan of the place and this is his little homage, so we’ll allow him that. There’s no better time of year to invest in some high-quality woollens, so why not make it this one? I mean, it’s only the added cost of an air fare…

The Raf Simons Tokyo sweater was unveiled at Ginza’s Dover Street Market on November 30th