Thursday 19th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Off-White: Menswear AW17

Who would have had Virgil Abloh down as a C.S. Lewis aficionado? There was definitely something of the Narnia to his winter 2017 offering, as models trudged through an enchanted wood erected inside the UNESCO building. Although there was no snow – igt was actually too cold for that outside. Anyhow, this was a show of what Abloh and Off-White do well, which is effortless hip-hop street style, and given a fashion polish. What felt new here was the maturity – of Abloh, of hs ideas, potentially of his customers. There was nothing alienating and “roof” about these pieces – I mean, they still felt steeped in the aching cool that keeps Abloh’s clients calling and has established Off-White, within a short time period, as a must-have and must-see in the fashion fraternity,. But rather, this seemed like a collection pitched towards pulling in new fans, and maybe even a new generation. It’s easy to imagine his closing checkerboard parka, cocooning to the knee in nubby wool, being worn whenever, wherever – to quote Shakira. Who I am sure isn’t Abloh’s core customers, but she’d probably wear his womens’ cut-out shoulder party dresses. And look very good, too.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans