Monday 11th February

| BY Dora Fung

Palm Angels: Ready-To-Wear AW19

Marilyn Manson Meets the Matrix At A Club. The invite came and said ‘sensitive content’ but, be warned, what we didn’t realise was that it will be a shit show getting into the Palm Angels show. The scene outside the venue was more like people trying, or shall I say desperate, to get into the hottest club on a Friday night. Super dressed up hypebeast style kids mix with head buyers from major department stores, crashers who are Palm Angels obsessed, editors and ‬all the in-betweens! Once we go through the mosh pit (is that still an expression with the kids these days?), inside did look like a club and yes, it smelt like one too! I was told by the girl behind me that Spaghetti Boy was over by the entrance and someone called Ask Pizza was here too.. “they are NY influencers who know what’s up” was her response to me. Okurrrr!

The collection was full of separates, mixed and slashed to form a look that felt very cool. Solaro two-tone fabric, zippered closures, boxy jackets and stovepipe trousers, frilly blouses and also plenty of sports references from fishing, hunting and skiing- multipurpose jackets with plenty of pockets and tool belts. This it seems, is what all the cool kids want these days (after all Kaia Gerber, Alexander Wang, French Montana and Binx Walton were all there) and to be honest, we are not mad at it!

Photos by Jason Lloyd Evans.