Thursday 10th September

| BY Jack Moss

Paul Smith: A Suit To Travel In

Have you ever felt restricted in your clothing? I have. Just the other day I wore a particularly snug pair of jeans and I wasn’t myself all day. These things can put a man out of sorts, you know. Which is what Paul Smith wished to avoid with his new suit. He called it A Suit To Travel In, but judging by the video he’s just released, it’s a suit that you can also bounce, cartwheel, do the vertical bar and other gymnastic-y type activities. That’s because it’s demonstrated by Max Whitlock, a British Olympic Medalist who “puts it through its paces with a series of demanding gymnastic moves, all without causing a single crease.” So how does this magical technology work? Over to Paul Smith,the man himself – “The yarn comes from the underbelly of a Merino sheep,” he says, “which has very long hair. They take that long yarn and they twist it and twist it, then the cloth is also woven very tight. This means that when the suit is made it’s got this lustrous, lively quality – this strong bounce.” A strong bounce is a trait that we approve of. And, because Paul Smith is just so great at suits – they’ll be three different fits available, one for all shapes and sizes of man. So, to find out more or just marvel at all the things your body will never be able to do – watch the video above.

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