Wednesday 13th January

| BY Jack Moss

Paul Smith: LCM AW16 Presentation

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 16.36.56

“You can find inspiration in everything” was the message behind Paul Smith’s presentation on Monday at LCM, for which he recreated his very first shop, opened in 1970. It measured just three by three metres. Assistance was provided not by a human shop boy/girl, but by an Afghan hound. Called Homer. Oh how things change (as evidenced by a glimpse of his slick-looking AW16 collection). “From that small space, through lateral-thinking and the power to find inspiration in everything, Paul defined the essence of what would become a global fashion business.” We are taking his advice by looking around the area we are currently sitting (our desk) for inspiration. An empty pint glass of water. A phone. A half-eaten Krispy Kreme donut Dominic bought me. And for some reason, to my left, a roll of toilet paper. At this point stumped as to what inspiration can be gained from such pieces, but we’re channelling Paul. We’ll have an global fashion business in no time.